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Yeah im just trying this out and I do have to make it to that much but that would be great! :3

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Crazylaura64's Spongebob Meme by Cocomintkitty
Crazylaura64's Spongebob Meme
1.As all memes do, please introduce yourself while i pretend to care.
Me:Hi im Beth and this is me as a fish and Coco in the spongebob universe 

2. Now that's out of the way... Why do you like spongebob?
Me: He's cute, his laugh is amazing, I love Tom Kenny, I love his smile SO MANY REASONS TO SAY!!!!

3. Who's your favorite characters? 
Me: Spongebob and Pre-movie Sandy

4.Hey i like that character too! Now who's your least favorite? 
Me:I don't really hate anyone, i just dislike them in certain episodes. 

5. Yeah , i hate him/her too... Do you have a favorite episode. Tell me your favorites. 
Me: Ripped Pants X3 the puns are great and i love the song plus i love "Can You Spare a Dime" as well.

6.Do you support any pairings? Tell me your favorites.
Me: I don't really ship in this show so i guess.
-Mindy x Patrick

7.Any pairings you hate.
Any gay pairing with Spongebob (yeah no im not a fan of the gay in this show) and Pearl X Spongebob (Spongebob is way to old for her yeah sorry shippers)

8. What's your opinion on the new[post-movie] episodes
Me: Uh hehe i still like it even if some episodes are bad. DON'T HATE ME!!!

9. Tag some other Spongebob fans! >: D
Me:I don't care. I'm just waiting for the spongebob movie to come out!!

Yeah so i love this show a picks of it will be coming out 

Hope yal like :3
Jace,Angelina, and kid by Cocomintkitty
Jace,Angelina, and kid
Yep Jace and Angela had a kid they're supposed to have another but im not done fixing it. And yes i know pokemon logic that the female gives birth to the pokemon she is not the male and that Audino and Scrafty aren't in the same egg group to have an offspring but i like it this way k.

I haven't named the kid yet so im thinking but if you guys have any idea then go right ahead

Oh and Jace and Oshawott don't quite like each other
Jace being a past jew theft and Oshawott being a retired collector, they don't really match even if Jace and Snivy are somewhat related 

Hope yal enjoy :3
Dylan and Jace Stars by Cocomintkitty
Dylan and Jace Stars
Idk i was just bored in my class so yeah this happened 

Hope yal like :3
A cold healing generator: Happy Birthday Dillyvids by Cocomintkitty
A cold healing generator: Happy Birthday Dillyvids
Happy Birthday :icondillyvids:
Got this idea when we used RP and Joseph got really hurt so Coco was healing him with her cold icy fur

Hope yal like :3
Next season screenshot :Dylan's battle by Cocomintkitty
Next season screenshot :Dylan's battle
Done on photoshop
This one to me long time to do but it's done nice.
You get to see Dylan's cut hair (seed), or just his main coloring with also the sword.

Hope yal like :3
Hello everyone it's me coco. I haven't done a journal in a while but this is important. 
Next season will be continuing even though i was originally going to cancel it do to lack of audience and lack of inspiration. But it is continuing and if there are people who don't like this comic because it's too sad or the characters are to dark. I'm trying to change the characters well mostly Oshawott and Dylan.

Oshawott is originally supposed to be a huge jerk to people he didn't know or cared for and he's liked this because of his past. He's still but I'll make him a bit nicer to others well just a bit since his personality doesn't seem to phase you all.

Dylan was originally a creepy pervert which was caught by many of you to dislike him at which i understood that. I was going to replace him with Chance the Emolga but yal grew a heart for him and i brought him back with a different personality. He's now shy and courageous which is a stange mix but i liked it. 

Snivott changed By being cute a sweet like her mother but a she matures she turns more like her father but a lot nicer.

This comic is important because it's going to effect my art alot. Plus there's more stories after this that will be part after this. Plus a Marriage (not saying who's cause im known to hop timelines and no spoilers)

Now i want say im not only going to be drawing pokemon. I'm drawing sonic, srmthfg, SPONGEBOB (yep this is happening) ,and stuff that goes on in my life so you know me a bit more

Um i do want to talk about one more charater and that's Waterlily. I haven't used her much be she's hated and i don't understand why.i was gone from deviantart for a long while during summer break because i what enjoying my break. When i came back i had drama that Waterlily was heartless girl who broke Aaron's heart..... what? I was so confused and it's a huge problem. I was just enjoying my vacation then i miss this place, i come back and people are pissed umm.... im still confused. PLEASE SOMEONE EXPLAIN i just fell a bit attacked by this which is what don't draw her anymore. 

But hey you guys are great and thanks for staying my friends ^ ^

Hope yal like:3I think I've fainted. 

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